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CarShowSoftware is designed to manage car show events, save time and hassle. CarShowSoftware has a built in database, built in address label generator, is double checked for accuracy and ready to print in seconds! CarShowSoftware will tally votes from popular, judged, and class voting. It’s a very simple program to use and we continue to take feedback, make further improvements, and display satisfied customer praise.

We currently support:
• 2000 vehicles and an unlimited number of ballot entry’s.
• 75 Classes. Customization of alias names as your show requires.
• 10 supported judges per vehicle. Average or Total Scores, your choice.

Probably the most asked question is “how do I enter specialty classes“? Such as “best paint”, “best engine”, “best interior”, etc… This could be a major problem, especially when using classes, as these categories span the classes. We have designed a very simple way to do this without leaving your number input tab. After tabulation, the specialty winners will be highlighted, and removed from the “class winners” page.

The software is so easy to use, you won’t need instructions, however, we have made them available for download here. Should you have any questions, feel free to e-mail or call for clarification.

We also have a series of YouTube Videos that will explain most of the functions available in Car Show Software.

Dash information Plaques are supported with Car Show Software. Any information you supply on the “name entry” tab will be printed in dash plaque format including Car number, Class, Name, and driver information. 

The new Version 3 will color code the top bar of the car depending on the class assigned. This makes it easier for the judges to pick out there classes.

CarShowSoftware runs under Microsoft Excel 2007 or later on PC and Mac.

Not at all. The program does all the work for you. If you can use a calculator, you will do fine. Simply enter the numbers that come back from the ballots, and click the Total button.

Purchasing CarShowSoftware is a one time $35.00 charge.
• Any support you may require is free.
• Any updates to the program are free.
• No monthly fees, no hidden charges.
• I support the product myself, so if needed, just contact me directly.

We do offer a scaled down version of Car Show Software for you to look and decide whether this will work for your application. It is full functioning, however drivers and ballots have been limited. This is the older Version 2. The latest V3 with all the enhancements is not available as a Demo. You can download it FREE now.

After a successful payment you will receive a payment confirmation email with a link to your download. Attention! Some people have troubles receiving our e-mails because the automated messages often end up in spam folders or get blocked by ISP’s. In that case, please try to check the SPAM, BULK folders, etc in your email-box.

Software How To Tutorials

Documentation PDF

V3 Documentation file.

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