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Ballot Counting made Easy

Car Show voting  and Ballot counting Software.
For a Smooth Running Car Show let us show you how to streamline the process. Ballot counting by popular vote, class, or Judged. Dash Cards, mailing labels, Database.
Car Show Software ballot counting done the Old Way

Sorting Ballots Like this?

Does this resemble something close to how you handle the current ballot counting? Want to reduce the time it takes to arrive at the “winners”? Looking for an accurate electronic count? Interested in advertising your show as “Computerized Ballot Counting”?
The New car show software ballot countingWay

A New Beginning

Today’s world relies heavily on computers to do our job. Why not continue this practice to the car show world? Our program will count and sort not only participant voting, but judged, and class events as well. “Best of” awards are no problem for Car Show Software which will span all classes.
Car show front end line ready to be ballot counted.

What we have to Offer.

Software at a very reasonable price to perform the tasks associated with your Car Show Event. Please feel free to browse the site for additional information on the programs functionality and capabilities. We are always available to answer any questions you might have.