Runs in Microsoft Excel on Mac and PC, with Built in Database

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CarShowSoftware runs under Excel on Windows and Mac.


One Computer, one Person to enter numbers


The only car show software you will need. Fast and Easy!

Sorting and Printing

Input ballot numbers one by one for count, sort, and print


Supports Popular Voting, Supports Participant Voting and Supports Judged Events


The best results every show!

Hi Stu, Your customer service with me since we purchased the program from you has been exceptional. We have been telling other car clubs around here about how good your software is so I hope they will be contacting you. Last Saturday was our show and it is also the last one for us for the season. Using your program, we were completely finished with the calculations and were ready to present the awards right on time. It is so much more user friendly than the old program we were using and the old program gave us all kinds of problems every year, not yours.


Hey Stu, We had our car show Saturday and I just wanted to say that your software worked amazingly. We didn't run into any issues and it cut the judging time in half. We loved it, thanks again for the help and awesome software you made.


Thank you. I stayed up last night to make myself familiar with your program. You have done a great job. Thank you again, its been tough pulling this show off in just 5 weeks but this will make it a lot easier!


I just wanted you to know that Western Maine Streetrods used the Best in Show software yesterday at the annual Andover Olde Home Days car show in Andover, Maine. The spreadsheet worked great - everyone could see the power and ease of upgrading from a total paper system to computerized registration and ballot tally. I did 100% of the entry myself on a single laptop for a field of 120 cars (excluding the 25 club cars) and we tallied the votes as they came in to the box throughout the morning and afternoon. I had to go back in and assign an alias for a single car that I noticed was not in the correct class and then updated the tally. Nobody could believe that we had the winners ready the minute that the voting closed. I thank you so much. I am glad that I decided to search around online for car show software before I asked my son to create a spreadsheet for club use. I really appreciated your quick response to my question regarding the alias assignment. I also watched your YouTube video and that was a huge help. Again, many thanks!

Western Maine Streetrods,

Stu this really looks great. I like the way you laid it out. My wife, who does the registration for our shows and also the number crunching at the end, will recreate our last show by putting all the data in and see how it all compares. At this point I'm sure if there's an error it will be on her. She will do this within the next week or two and I'll let you know the results. I think you really have something here that most small car clubs would desire. At any point someone should want to talk to someone who uses your program, I would be glad to do that for you.

John G,

Hi Stu, I bought your car show program last year and had the chance to use it with two car shows I ran over the last few weeks, the program is great, I had the cars tabulated in record time, thank you!


Good News!! After seeing your excel sheet and the voting results performed three different ways, my husband was so impressed with it, he is allowing me to change our car numbering system and simplify our voting system. He was amazed by your software. If you ever need positive endorsement, you definitely have it with us. The system is marvelous. I highly recommend!! And thank you so much for your support.


Hello Stu. I just wanted to write and tell you about how the car show went using your "CarShowSoftware" app, and how it worked out for us. IT ROCKED!! Bam!! My itinerary said that awards would be given at 3:00pm. We were ready to go at 2:30. had a list printed with all the data, and started the awards ceremony at 3:00pm, on the dot!


Stu, the software was great! It cut our time invested from two hours to about 25 minutes! I'm very impressed by the program.


What a great piece of work. I'm pleased.